[SEBELL] – Till the Sun Burns Out



After finding success working with Greg on his new [SEBELL] project for a trilogy of lyric videos (the 3rd is yet to come!), we were eager to take it to the next step and plan some proper music videos together. Till the Sun Burns Out is my homage to all the ’80s Sci-Fi movies I grew up with. Blade Runner, Akira, even The Lost Boys to an extent. Too many late nights watching Astro-Boy, Dragonball and the original Star Wars trilogy have permanently imprinted on my mind.

Greg and the whole team involved were incredible to work with and indulged me on a number of occasions. They were even sweet/tough enough to help my shoot in the 2nd Street Tunnel at 2:30am through some pretty unsafe means.

It was great to see this vision of my childhood realized, and really exciting to see it debut in NYLON Magazine.

Directed by: Brandon William Fletcher (
Produced by: Greg Sczebel
Production Manager: Chuck David Willis & Brett Long
Cinematography by: Jan Klompje (
Edit & Color by: Brandon William Fletcher
Hair: Scott King
Makeup: Dylan Lujano
Stylist: Margarit Jacobsen
VFX Supervisor: Brandon William Fletcher
Additional VFX/Compositing: Brandon William Fletcher




May 12, 2014

Launch Project


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