My r+r is filming friends and editing videos.
Bombay Beach/Borrego Springs/Salvation Mountain, California 2018.
Music: "Impossible Tracks" by The Kills
Everyone experiences and processes life differently. For me, it's been through a lens. My own personal mistakes and biases have taught me, many times over, that memory cannot be trusted. This isn't a good or a bad thing, it just is. Which also means that memory is what you make of it. Since I tend to have a dangerously nostalgic, rose-tinted, reflection-through-a-haze-you-get-lost-in way of looking at the past, I found that it's best if I process it then move on.
So I try to stay present. Experience a moment, reflect on it, process it, repeat. Then maybe, once in a while, look back on a version of it before stressing about the future and returning to the present.
For whatever reason, it feels very important to me to reflect and share that vision of life as one long daydream as accurately as I am able. Here is a trip we took the spring of 2018.
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