Our unshakeable heroine arrives at the shores of an unknown country where she must conquer towering peaks, traverse deep forests and even transcend space-time itself all in the quest to find her lost love.
Directed by: Brandon William Fletcher
Produced by: Brandon William Fletcher & Cory Myraas
Starring: Beatrice King & Cory Myraas
Lead Carpenter: Jeffrey Mitchell
Cinematography by: Brandon William Fletcher
1st Assistant Camera: Jeffrey Mitchell
BTS Film/Photo: Jeffrey Mitchell, Tabitha Rose & Jacqueline Parker
2nd Unit Camera: Michael Wachter
Costume Designed by: Isabelle Dunlop Clothing
Talisman Designed by: Marie Foxall
Accessories Provided by: Wasted Effort
Hair & Makeup: Jacqueline Parker
Edit & Colour by: Brandon William Fletcher
PA: Brandon Tims
Special Effects Supervisor: Jeffrey Mitchell
Visual Effects Supervisor: Brandon William Fletcher
Visual Effects: Faked Potatoes
Camera Equipment Provided by: Gearhouse Camera Rentals
Archive Footage Provided by: NASA
Funded by STORYHIVE, TELUS and Optik Local.
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